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"Our fixed price monthly contract with CUCIT ensures we have no ongoing issues and when we had a disaster recently, CUCIT managed the reinstallation with the speed and professionalism required to get our business back and running with the minimum of fuss" Scott Terk, Media Company

"IT support used to be a real headache for me. As the most IT literate member of the team I was expected to resolve everybody's issues but that was pulling me away from my responsibilities. CUCIT has removed this stress from my job and have proven to be a valuable addition to the team" Mary Brewer, Large FL Charity

"Hiring CUCIT to manage our IT department was one of the best decisions we made as growing mid-sized business. We're in the business of making ads, not running IT departments. With offices in both Mexico and the US, putting our IT requirements into the competent hands of CUCIT means managing an IT department is something we just don't worry about it. As a business owner, the peace of mind that comes from knowing no matter what happens you're covered is invaluable."Jose Velez, Import/Export

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Cucit Solutions. Since IBC's inception, they've provided invaluable advice and support as the business has grown and our IT infrastructure requirements have increased in size and complexity. They've demonstrated an understanding of our business and provided innovative and timely solutions to meet our needs which range from network support to providing a full IT consultancy service for our new offices."Lance Elman, Furniture Manufacturer

Case Studies

Disaster Recovery Solution for MediaONE, LLC

Media ONE LogoMedia ONE has implemented a disaster recovery solution to reduce business risk, deliver high availability and be better prepared for disaster recovery. Media ONE is an industry leader in postal, email, sms/Mobile marketing and database hygiene enhancements and licensing. Established in 1999, and with offices in 3 countries, Media ONE currently employs over 200 people.

The Challenge

"Our business has been expanding rapidly over the last number of years," explains Andrew Marcus, CEO at Media ONE. "With new offices in Mexico and Canada, a corporate wide disaster recovery and business continuity plan was required. We needed a solution in place so that if some kind of interruption or disaster occurred, we could get back to work as quickly as possible. In addition, we needed a robust infrastructure that would allow increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness by effectively connecting resources to business needs."

The Solution

Media ONE chose CUCIT Solutions as their technology partner after a competitive review. CUCIT worked with the company to integrate their recovery infrastructure into their data network, over a high-speed leased line to their hot site. This used technology from VMWare, HP, Double- Take, Microsoft and Symantec.

Using VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, Media ONE is now able to host virtual replicas of their production environment off site. This provides the infrastructure to allow online replication for Media ONE's email, servers and applications by mirroring them to a hot site location. CUCIT also implemented Double-Take which, each night, provides an incremental back up of the state of the remaining servers, and rebuilds an updated image of same in the hot site. The solution also provides disaster recovery services for the servers in the Mexico and Canadian offices by hosting replicas back to the US.

CUCIT also assisted in moving Media ONE's exchange platform to more powerful hardware.

The Benefits

"We now have real time online replication for our email and applications allowing us to respond quickly in the event of any failure or disaster. If our systems go down, I have the security of knowing that switching to our virtual environment will allow users experience minimum disruption times," continues Andrew.

"Accessibility, reliability and availability of information is paramount to success in our business. The disaster recovery solution has given us a highly flexible solution that can easily grow if needed. It gives me peace of mind knowing our data and applications are in safe hands."

"CUCIT professionals have expert knowledge in key areas related to high availability, data replication, as well as business continuity planning and solution deployment," concludes Andrew. "We are very happy with the implementation and CUCIT's professionalism."

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