CUCIT Performance Evaluation

Service Perfection is Our Approach to Being the Best in IT Services.

How We Are Doing

What does Service Perfection mean to you?

No anonymous voices – No annoying on-hold music and half measures - from a simple break-fix issue to a full managed IT support contract, Service Perfection means your happiness always comes first. In a nutshell Service Perfection means we'll:

  • Hire exceptional people who won't rest until problems are solved.
  • Measure every last detail to make our service better than the competition.
  • Use Net Promoter to plot our success against the likes of Apple and Amazon.
  • Dedicate a specific team to you, including an IT Manager, a Client Advocate, a Business Development Manager and skilled engineers.

We don't believe in finish lines when it comes to Service Perfection. That's why we measure everything to make sure we're always moving forwards.

How we measure Service Perfection

Recommend A Friend

We use something called Net Promoter® to measure how we're doing. Net Promoter® is the standard customer service benchmark for organizations around the world. Through it we're able to plot our success against brand leaders like Apple, Amazon and Virgin Atlantic.

The idea behind Net Promoter® is very simple - we ask just one question “Would you recommend IT Lab to a friend or colleague?” and ask our clients to answer using an easy number scale:

We use the results to calculate a Net Promoter® Score (NPS). To get a high NPS we need most people to give us a nine or ten on the scale. If they don't we know something's wrong.

Stats are all very well, but what do these figures mean in context?

  • Our Net Promoter® Score for February 2011 was 76%
  • The average Net Promoter® score across all sectors was just 32%

We have caste-iron Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Here are the results in 2010:

  • For critical issues we guarantee a 15 minute response. Our average time was 4.24 min.
  • For standard issues we guarantee a 30 minute response. Our average time was 12.17 min.
  • For system enhancement issues we guarantee a 90 minute response. Our average time was 56.51 min.
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